Enrico Masseroli   curriculum vitae

Born in Cremona 21/7/1952
Tel/Fax 035 0744039
             333 4530146
vicolo Ghiacciaia 8
24129 Bergamo (Italy)
skype: pirshiptheatre
good: English, French, German, Spanish
basic: Indonesian

Education and training :
University of Milan modern literature.
Approach to theatre: 1968 – 71: Gruppo Studio di Teatro di Cremona, directed by Walter Benzoni, theatre school and first performances (Beckett, Cros, Brecht, Pirandello, Arrabal, Aristophanes). 1972: engaged in political theatre within an University group.
1972-3 Theatre school of Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo.
Meetings and workshops with remarkable theatre personalities, among others: Jerzy Grotowski and his Teatr Laboratorium, Eugenio Barba and Odin Theatre, Peter Brook, Yves Lebreton, Fratelli Colombaioni.
With the great Master Jerzy Grotowski he participated in Poland in ’78 and ’80 in the project The Theater of Sources and in ‘85 in Toscana by the project Structural improvisation.
Moreover the specialist study of Balinese theatre, he attended courses of modern and contemporary dance, Indian Dance/Theatre Kathakali, Odissi and Bharata Natyam, Haitian dance in Haiti, Pentjak Silat in Bandung (Indonesia), Capoeira.
Currently he is learning Iyengar Yoga.

Professional activities
1973-82 actor by Teatro Tascabile di Bergamo directed by Renzo Vescovi. Among its productions: L’amor comenza, Intermezzo, Franco aprendita paliacio, Albatri, Sonja had been performed all over Italia, in many Europeans countries, India and Israel.
Since then his work can be displayed in different areas:

Wandering street theatre
1984 Giochi di luna with Maria Teresa Buttarelli
1986 Disparates with Teatro Poesis of Turin
Since 1987, founder (with the late Ludovico A. Muratori), producer and director of The Pirate Ship an International theatre ensemble mainly devoted to wandering Street Theatre. Actors, musicians, singers, acrobats… of different nationalities, will be involved in several productions, in which the ensemble develops an original poetic style, aimed to reveal the theatrical core of urban spaces. Their performances had been presented in Italy, Germany, Austria, France and Singapore.
1987- 88 - 89 Rainbow – a street theatre journey through the town
1990 Puerto el Principio
1991 spedizione ad Haiti
1992 Singende Brunnen (produzione speciale per la città di Salisburgo)
1994 Schiribilla ( ins Zwielicht…..durchtanzen )
1995 - 98 Trame perdute (Fading frames)
1996 - 97 Principi demoni e buffoni
1997 - 98 Disparates I
1999 - 01 Cantamen
2000 - 02 Sulla via della seta
2002 - 04 Disparates II
2004 - 05 Notturno danzato / Maschere dalla via della seta
2006 - 09 Dalla via della seta co-production with Teatro La Madrugada of Milan
2009 - 10 Suite Orientale
2012 - 13 - 18 Balaganjur - Suite Balinese

Director and actor
1984 - 85 La danza di un'anima, inspired by Isadora Duncan’s life, with Antonia
         Stradivari and their students of “laboratorio di teatro, musica e danza” in Piacenza.
1985 Il sogno di Arianna with the dancer Piera Principe
1987-93 Cantico (texts from Bible, Bhagavad Gita, Elémire Zolla) with Ludovico A. Muratori
1994 Sir Gawain e il cavaliere verde (live music Osvaldo Arioldi Schwartz)
2000 Bahl Zaram concert/recital with the ensemble The Pirate Ship
2010 -15 Sir Gawain e il cavaliere verde (solo, new version )
2017 Il Re e lo Spettro with the musician Giuseppe Olivini
2018 Voci e suoni d'acque with the musician Giuseppe Olivini
Main roles as guest actor
1991 Don Chisciotte in Pasa el agua - aus dem Welt des Don Quijotes
         Theater Tanto / Vienna directed by S. Pillhofer & J. Tabaka
1994 Colangelo in L'ora di tutti from the novel by Maria Corti, director Emilio Campolunghi
1999 Marco Polo in Marco Polo, ein zirzensisches Abenteuer Zirkus Meer (A)
         director Joern Heypke
2007 Count of Carmagnola in Il conte di Carmagnola by Alessandro Manzoni
         director Fabio Maccarinelli
Since 1999 collaborates with some special productions of ZIRKUS MEER (A) directed by Walther Moshammer www.zirkus-meer.at

Direction and playwright by International projects
1988 The bride between sand and foam festival of Akko (Israele) with L.A. Muratori
        and the students of “Nissan Nativ acting studio” of Jerusalem
1989 The sun will rise again - festival of Akko (Israele) with L.A. Muratori
         and the students of “Nissan Nativ acting studio” of Jerusalem
1998 Fading Frames Wolfsrathausen (Germania) with students of Gymnasium Geretsried
2000 La incredibile storia di e tre sedie arabe Festival Festivoce (Corsica)
         with the inhabitants of Pigna, the brothers Mancuso and the The Pirate Ship
2001 Spuren Festival Die Feste Hall in Tirol (A) with the group Die Dilet - Tanten
2003 On the way seeking an intercultural project of European cooperation inspired by
         "Das Spiel vom Fragen " by Peter Handke with Nothdurft Austria, Schauspielschule
         Zerboni Germany, On the way...Beograd Serbia
2004 Krakatoa - Vulkanausbruck for 15 Jahre Stromboli Hall/Tirol (Austria) with Nothdurft
2005 Albatros (from Baudelaire) An integrative street theatre project in Hall/Tirol (Austria)
        with young refugees from Romania, Gambia, Azerbaijan and the group Nothdurft
2011 TKECNIR  Malta international and interdisciplinary artistic project with Glen Calleja

Musical Works, director
1986 Le veglie di Siena by Horatio Vecchi - Hortus Musicus Klagenfurt (A)
1998 Hildegard von Bingen's Ordo Virtutum Festival Musik der Religionen Hall/Tirol
         conception Gerhard Crepaz, musical direction Stefan Morent, with Andrea von Ramm,          the soloists of "Ordo Virtutum" and the actors of The Pirate Ship.
        A reduced version with Ordo Virtutum in 2001 in U.S.A. and in 2005 in Germany
Musical Works, director performer and playwright
2002 Kinder Abrahams (at the court of King Alfonso el Sabio - sec.XIII)
         by Festival Europaische Kirchenmusik - Schwaebisch Gmuend (D)
        with Ordo Virtutum (dir. Stefan Morent), Piera Principe, Adel Salameh, Naziha Azouz
2009 -12 Sacra rappresentazione della Via Crucis , musica di Franz Liszt
          played by Davide & Daniele Trivella
2011 Balikarma a western Journey into Balinese music
         concert for two pianos, gong, gangsa pemade, percussions, texts by E. Masseroli
         music by Colin McPhee arranged & played by Davide e Daniele Trivella
         festival "I concerti del S.Alessandro" Bergamo

Other directed plays
1987 Travolti da un film incompiuto Anabasis Teatro Bergamo
1994 Enrico IV by Luigi Pirandello (ass. Sangenesio Bergamo)
1995 In alto mare by Slawomir Mrozek (ass. Sangenesio Bergamo)
1996 Un canto di Natale by Charles Dickens (ass. Sangenesio Bergamo)
2005 Momo from Michael Ende - Redona estate C.R.E. - Bergamo
2006 Il piccolo principe by A. de Saint-Exupery - Redona estate C.R.E.- Bergamo
2007 Il piccolo principe by A. de Saint-Exupery with Jόzef Masseroli - Lovere
2008 Lo scrigno, il lupo e le foglie "Il Maestrale" Palazzolo s/Oglio (BS)
2009 Dushanbe "Il Maestrale" Palazzolo s/Oglio (BS)
2010 Sir Gawain e il cavaliere verde "Il Maestrale" Palazzolo s/O. (BS)
2010-2011 S’unda cadrassa Street performance with ANTAS Teatro S. Sperate (CA)
2011 Figlie di Lilith "Il Maestrale" Palazzolo s/Oglio (BS)
2012 Lilith e le Altre "Il Maestrale" Palazzolo s/Oglio (BS)
2014 Tra Sabbia e Onda performance in memory of Ludovico Muratori
          Sciacca Film Fest

Balinese Dance/Theatre
Following the suggestion of his Master Jerzy Grotowski Enrico Masseroli arrived in Bali at the end of December 1978. From then to now he’s studying Balinese dance-theatre with the great master I Made Djimat. A goal pursued working “on the field” and moreover accompanying the Master during his tours in Italy.
First result of such a research, the play Dharma Shakti (Gambuh Panji, Teruna Jaya, Baris, Djauk) was presented from’83 to ’95 in Italy, Austria, Germany, Israel, Peru, Spain and Poland, accompanied by lectures and workshops at theatrical centres and Universities.
After improving the study of the masks of Topeng he presented form 1996 on the ritual play The incredible story of king Bedahulu in Italy, Germany, Austria, Corsica, Swiss, Sweden, Spain, Malta. The performance has been often introduced by the lecture/demonstration Topeng: masks from the island of Gods.
In Bali Masseroli danced during traditional ceremonies and improved his knowledge in Balinese music. In Europe, he performed at several festivals with the Gamelan groups: Cara Bali from Munich, Anggur Jaya from Freiburg i. Br., Gambuh Ensemble of Musik Akademie Basel. With the latter group in 1998 he participated at the project Catur Yuga in Germany/Swiss and in Bali. Other special events were: In 2004 Spirit of Gamelan by “Deutsches Jazz Festival” in Frankfurt and In 2005 by CageMusikcirkus in Mannheim with gamelan Cara Bali. In 2007 by Notte bianca in Rome, with gamelan Anggur Jaya.
Gamelan Gong Cenik
After many years in which, beside the extemporary occasions with European gamelans, he was forced to dance with recorded music, distorting the true spirit of the relationship dancer/orchestra, he decided to build up a gamelan group in Italy. Therefore in 2010 he founded in Bergamo Gamelan Gong Cenik, a small orchestra with original Balinese instruments, teaching to people who had never been to Bali.
The debut of this ensemble was crowned with success and warm appreciation on the 17 of April 2011 in Milan by a fest organized by a local Indonesian association. From then on the group's activity has continued and continues to improve. At present its repertoire includes the dances Baris , Jauk keras and manis. original music compositions, and two complete performances of Topeng's stories. These the most significat performances:
2011 - 15 Sidha Karya: lo straniero divino Montepulciano (SI), Pian di Marte (PG), XX festival Internazionale del teatro urbano Roma 2014. In 2015 with I Made Djimat in Napoli by HaraFest meet Bali, Bergamo, EXPO2105 Milan
2013 – 14 La testa scambiata Vedriano di Canossa (PR), Perugia, Cotronei (KR)& Milan with I Made Djimat & I Wayan Koplin in May 2013
2015 Pioggia d’oro. Gamelan, demoni e guerrieri Bergamo with I Made Djimat.
2016 Bali Dharma BergamoAngada Duta (Muenchen)
2017 Balaganjur Ranica
2018 Bali Dharma Tirano by Teglio Teatro festival
Pedagogical activity
Several workshops on physical and vocal training, street theatre & stilts dance, improvisation and composition, Balinese dance/theatre … Lead in Italy, Austria, Germany, France, Swiss, Israel, Canada, Peru, Brazil, Sweden, Poland, Spain, Malta
He collaborated from 2004 to 2012 within the project Mus-e (Jehudi Menuhin Foundation), teaching to kids in Milano, Brescia and Cremona, Balinese theatre, music and dance.
Since 2012 theacher of the third year in the Theatre school TEATRANDO in Bergamo
Magazine articles
Topeng: maschere dall’isola degli Dei
In POPOLI April 1999 / COLPO DI SCENA November 2000 / QUADERNI ASIATICI September 2012
L’arte del Topeng in A ORIENTE/KETIMURAN interview by Giuliana Malpezzi, Milan 2000
Il luogo del tempo dimenticato
In AA.VV. DRAMA STUDIO, Lecco 1990 Abraxa. Da Bali al teatro Urbano, un porto saldo sulle rotte di un teatro necessario
In AA.VV. L’AVVENTURA DEL TEATRO URBANO by care of Clelia Falletti, Rome 2010
TOPENG: maschere dall’isola degli Dei
In AA.VV. LO SPIRITO DELLA MASCHERA by care of Susanna Marino, Milan 2015


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