Gamelan Gong Cenik is the name of our Balinese music group. Gamelan means musical group, Gong is is the heart of the orchestra, according to the type ours is a gong kebyar. Cenik means little, Ni Ketut Cenik the name of the famous dancer, mother of Master I Made Djimat, who died in 2010. In her honor and in consideration of the fact that a normal gamelan has 25/30 elements, the name of our group.
Gamelan Gong Cenik started living in 2010. Enrico Masseroli in his stays in Bali, along with the dances had also learned their music, that he began to transmit to his colleagues, who have not yet been on the island of the Gods.
In Bali, music and rhythm play a dramaturgically fundamental role, in continuous dialogue and counterpoint with the performer, who in traditional forms, such as Baris, Jauk and Topeng, dancing directs the musicians.
For this reason, an exhibition with recorded music completely distorts the original spirit. New and fundamental impulses to the group arised from the collaboration with the masters Djimat and Koplin in April / May 2013 and with Djimat again in 2015.

Our instruments are currently:

gong kempur / gong kelentong

2 Calung e 2 Gangsa pemade (pairs of metallophones in different octaves, tuned to produce a third sound when beated simultaneously)

Kendang (drum)

Ceng-ceng (cymbals)

Kajar/kempli (small gong)

Reyong (small gongs in scale)

Suling (flute)

Our current repertoire includes pieces of music:

"Ujan Mas" (1930s kebyar style)

"Cewek cantik" (beautiful girl) original compositions

"Balaganjur" the music of ritual processions

"Tabuh Tek Campur" original compositions with rare bamboo instruments

"Gambangan" classical kebyar transposition of the homonymous ceremonial music

"Tabuh penutup" "final suite"

music for the dance:

Baris Tunggal (warrior solo)

Djauk (demon) in the two versions Keras and Manis

music to accompany the Topeng characters (ritual performance with masks):

Topeng Keras prime minister

Topeng Keras Lucu funny minister

Topeng Tua senior advisor

Topeng Manis King

Penasar the great chamberlain

Bonderes fools : Keto / Pak es / Bondesa tua / Toris

Bapang selisir Nyoman Semaryani

Topeng Arya

Topeng Sidha Karya
The deified character concluding the ceremony