Enrico Masseroli
   F  O  U  N  D  E  R  S   
Ludovico Muratori

The Pirate Ship was born in Graz, Austria in 1987, founded by Enrico Masseroli and Ludovico Antonio Muratori (both left TTB – Teatro Tascabile of Bergamo in 1982, and since a couple of years had resumed cooperation), along with three young students/fellow Austrians and an actress/musician from Brazil. After rehearsals in the rainy spring, the company gave birth to Rainbow, the first performance for the urban spaces of the new international ensemble (see StreetTheatre).

Our name resounds the echo of adventurous sea tales: the pleasure of the challenge, the contempt of danger by brave, daring pirates... that it is of outsiders, out of conventions (those of the "official" theater), free associates, faithful to their ethic and aesthetic code.

During many years the theater in urban spaces has been the main interest of such an international ensemble, a group of artists around the world gathered annually by the “captain”, according to projects and seasonal opportunities. Meanwhile more constant, related to the production of indoor plays and educational projects, was the collaboration between the two founders, until the untimely death of Ludovico.

Enrico Masseroli continued in the meantime the study of the extraordinary theatrical forms in the island of Bali (Indonesia), enriching with fruitful contamination the productions of Urban Theatre.

Finally in 2010, he gives life to the Gamelan Gong Cenik, an orchestra with original Balinese gamelan gong Kebyar instruments, the hub of today's ensemble.

    The Pirate Ship